Military Aviation

Support for military systems: an increased operational availability

SPHEREA provides a global range of test Avionic equipment for electronic warfare systems, avionic and optronic systems or for whole platforms for Maintenance Level 1 (directly on the platform) and Maintenance Level 2 (maintenance workshop) as well as for the industry during system validation. This will be integral to ensure your long term operational readiness and that your systems are continuously reliable and safe.


Military Land Systems

Military land systems are more than steel plates mounted on chains or wheels. Nowadays these systems are highly technological masterpieces with very complex electronics. These electronic systems pick up the target and actively support the user in the fight. Threats are also recorded and, if necessary, countermeasures are initiated automatically. Electronic systems support the forces in operation. The user often does not notice the intervention of the systems or the intervention is taken for granted. This protective function cannot be guaranteed by humans.

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In this increasingly complex environment, SPHEREA develops test solutions that are essential for fulfilling the mission. With these solutions, SPHEREA does not only ensure the availability, but also the complete operational readiness of its complex, mission-critical electronic systems.

SPHEREA serves different platforms at different maintenance levels. The industry benefits from these solutions, for example in production or within the scope of system validation. SPHEREA’s customer service with the corresponding know-how of SPHEREA enables test specifications and test concepts to be developed and implemented together with the customer. In order to guarantee the long-term availability of systems and solutions, SPHEREA aim at long-term partnerships.



The Navy’s ships and submarines differ fundamentally in their capability profile from military airborne and land-based systems. They are designed to operate very autonomously in the operational area, in some cases for several months. This has been further exacerbated with the introduction of multi-crew concepts. In some cases, individual ships only return to their home port for planned maintenance. The goal must be to keep these shipyard layovers as short as possible so that these systems can resume their tasks as quickly as possible. On the other hand, today’s ships have the complexity of a small town due to their capability profiles. Faults sometimes remain undetected and are only detected after maintenance work has begun. With our experience in military aviation and military land systems, we help to identify potential problems at an early stage while still at sea. This prevents shipyard layovers from being unnecessarily extended because problems are only detected after maintenance work has begun. In addition, we support maintenance personnel with our test systems in order to carry out the necessary maintenance effectively and efficiently and to avoid unnecessary costs.


A partner for the rail industry

Today the rail industry faces the same issues experienced by the aeronautics industry in recent years. With 50 years of expertise in critical systems for the aeronautics industry, SPHEREA has developed solutions adapted to the railway sectors’ needs.

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The railway industry faces changes like increasingly complex systems relying on smart sensors/actuators, compressed development, production schedules or strict safety and security regulations (IEC61508). The railway industry has also to adapt to the digitalization of the sector. Finally the traffic growth due to increasing urbanization leads to changes in mobility trends.

A number of methods and technologies, widely used in aeronautics, are moving to the railway sector. Test means and methods are no exception.

Today SPHEREA offers its know-how and solutions to optimize the rolling stocks’ Life-Cycle Cost:

  • Digital solutions: simulation framework, virtual testing, predictive maintenance, augmented reality
  • Test benches for integration activities
  • Embedded test equipment
  • High rate manufacturing test means for embedded equipment
  • Safety and testability management to improve the Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety
  • (RAMS) of rolling stock
  • Life extension solutions
  • Power electronics and cable testers


Civil Aviation

Maintenance test solutions for airlines and MRO

If you are a MRO (Maintain repair & Overhaul) or an airline, the most cost effective avionics maintenance solution is our test bench ATEC Series 7. This will give you the capability to manage the maintenance and repair of electronic systems at your or your customers’ facility. As a result, fewer faults are overlooked and therefore costs saved.
Before maintenance, the OEMs (equipment manufactures) needs to produce the equipment. SPHEREA can provide test solutions for the production line.
Last but not least prior to the production phase, equipment and systems need to be developed. We can support you with test and simulation solutions during the entire development cycle of the products.


Power Electronics

As a result of the energy turnaround, energy generation is increasingly decentralized via photovoltaics, wind and offshore. This poses major challenges for grid stability.
In addition to nationwide energy supply, a revolution in mobility is also on our doorstep: More and more fossil fuel drives are being replaced by electric motors and batteries. The diversity in terms of voltage, power and capacity requires constant adaptation of test systems and emulation. The electrification of mobility is no longer a trend, but is becoming reality. SPHEREA is aware of these challenges and is ideally positioned to meet them thanks to its expertise and many years of experience with highly complex electronic systems.


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