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ATEC® Dyna Series

Product Description

In today’s increasingly competitive economic context, there are different ways of achieving the highest level of competitiveness. Nevertheless, one of the most obvious ways remains production optimisation, and maximising improvements to in-production testing in particular.

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With the production of electronic equipment, the solutions for obtaining the best possible result vary according to the stage of project progress and the equipment production rate.

The ATEC Dyna Series test bench has been designed to meet all of these following various requirements.

In the prototyping phase flexibility is important. The ATEC Dyna Series test bench makes it possible to implement tests right from the specification phase thanks to the innovative concept of the generic test unit adaptor (TUA), which constitutes the interface between the test bench and the tested product. The entire electrical adaptation circuitry is situated inside the bench and controlled by Software. A specific TUA is no longer required so the cycle time for fine-tuning this TUA is very short.

In the development phase the product to be tested still gets changed and is not 100% operational. Nevertheless ATEC Dyna enables the test procedures to be fully burned-in and testing of the product to begin in a very early stage of the development cycle thanks to the software-configurable macro-instruments concept which keeps the connection interface between the product and the ATEC Dyna as simple as possible.

In the series production phase the ATEC Dyna bench provides the option of testing several signals or even products simultaneously thanks to its advanced internal switching concept. If a slightest defect is detected at the end of the manufacturing line, the ATEC Dyna bench can directly switch to troubleshooting mode, thereby obviating the need for a dedicated troubleshooting bench. Thanks yet again to the generic TUA, self-testing the bench is extremely easy. The bench can be 100% tested by performing a dry-run of the test, which involves executing the test without product to be tested.


More agile

  • Increasingly short production cycles
    rapidly deploy a test solution
  • Ever-evolving electronic equipment
    Quickly adapt to remain in line with electronic equipment specification changes
  • Iterative, incremental and versatile sequences
    Manage the transition from prototyping to production
    Quickly analyze causes of failure

More productive

  • Maximum Return on Investment
    Optimize test solution application
    Reduce testing costs per item of equipment
  • Need to increase the test coverage rate
  • Troubleshooting during the production phase (NO GO)

Application Area

  • Production of electronic equipment
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Manufacturing testing

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