Simultaneous testing

of brakes

Twin Train-MultiBrake

Product Description

Load-dependent braking systems are used to increase safety. In the case of multiple unit trains, test and integration must be carried out simultaneously on all bogies. Conventional systems use long hoses or are only used on individual bogies. This does not reproduce reality. SPHEREA’s TwinTrain-MultiBrake tester enables testing to be performed on all bogies simultaneously. All modules are simultaneously connected to the control unit by Wi-Fi and allow flexible working by the operator. The operator has a permanent overview of all pressure values and can immediately see the effect in the settings. The brake tester can be quickly assembled and disassembled thanks to the well thought-out housing concept and the compact design of the test modules. The use of the vehicle’s own compressed air reduces the amount of tubing required. An external supply is also possible as an option. The integrated battery allows the testing of a complete train. If desired, complete test sequences can be programmed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The sensors can be calibrated.


  • Precise measurement directly on the brake controller
  • Simultaneous measurement of all brake controllers
  • Central operation via a robust tray
  • Simple, flexible and fast assembly
  • Compact construction due to well thought-out housing design

Application Area

  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance