Simultaneous testing

of brakes

Twin Train-MultiBrake

Product Description

The TwinTrain-MultiBrake allows efficient testing of the braking system with the acquisition of all relevant parameters on any number of brake units at the same time.

The TwinTrain-MultiBrake is used for testing the braking system on rail vehicles. The system is composed of a flexible number of measuring modules, as required. Especially on multiple units with a distributed braking system, measurements have to be taken at different points during a brake test. The battery-powered measuring modules of the TwinTrain-MultiBrake are installed directly on the test objects (brake controllers). Since they are provided from the vehicle’s compressed air supply, there is no need for an external supply and the laying of long hose lines. Each measuring module can generate a simulated pressure, e.g. a loading pressure, and measure a variety of brake pressures. The operator controls the modules, which are connected by radio, centrally from an operating device. All pressure values are permanently in view. The various simulation pressures can also be set directly. Real-time acquisition of the pressure values allows automatic recognition of application and release processes and determination of times.

SPHEREA’s TwinTrain MultiBrake makes it possible to test on all bogies simultaneously. If desired, complete test sequences can be programmed according to manufacturer specifications. The sensors can be calibrated.


  • Accurate measurement directly at the controller of the brakes
  • Simulation of different loading pressures
  • Simultaneous measurement of all brake pressures
  • Automatic determination of application and release times
  • Central operation via a robust tablet
  • Simple and fast installation on the vehicle without time-consuming laying of hose lines

Application Area

  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Expandability with measuring plates to test the mechanical force of the brake