ESG – Environmental Social Governance


SPHEREA launched several initiatives to help protect the climate and the environment. The measures help to sustainably support climate and environmental protection in line with our economic framework conditions. We are convinced that this can create more acceptance than bans.

Through these measures, SPHEREA has been able to call itself a climate-positive company since 2021.

The term climate positive or even climate neutral are unclear concepts. Therefore, the Senate of the Economy has launched an initiative for more transparency on climate neutrality. We feel bound by this.

The EcoVadis sustainability rating awarded us the silver medal. Our various activities in the area of environmental social governance were assessed and evaluated.

In cooperation with the Alliance for Development and Climate Foundation, SPHEREA supports various climate certificates that are part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UN SDG). The purchase of these climate certificates will support the following projects:

  • VCS Forest Project Uruguay
  • UN CER hydroelectric power generation Uganda
  • UN CER Wind project India

In cooperation with a farmer in Unterfahlheim, district Neu-Ulm, SPHEREA has leased a 4,400m┬▓ field. On this field, flower meadow is sown to bind CO2 and at the same time provide food for insects and shelter for animals.

Together with the municipality of Nersingen, SPHEREA launched a tree planting campaign in October 2021. In this campaign, 1,635 trees were planted on an area of 0.5 hectares. As a result, approximately 6,000 tons of CO2 can be bound per year. Likewise, this forest provides protection for wildlife and insects gain habitat.

Together with the expertise of the Fokus Zukunft company, SPHEREA analyzed its carbon footprint. This involved calculating SPHEREA’s greenhouse gas footprint according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s specifications. This includes heat consumption, fuel consumption, electricity consumption, district heating / district cooling, upstream energy-related emissions, business travel and overnight hotel stays, employee commutes, waste generation/wastewater in the company, and SPHEREA’s consumables. Based on this, measures were developed to reduce SPHEREA’s carbon footprint and make it climate neutral.


SPHEREA has been supporting various social institutions and projects since the beginning, thus making a contribution to society. In doing so, SPHEREA attaches great importance to long-term cooperation. SPHEREA wants to set a positive example and promote and initiate important improvements.

SPHEREA supports the non-profit organization Tafel with an annual cash donation. In addition, SPHEREA was able to support the Tafel with a donation of 700 FFP2 mouth and nose protection masks during the Corona pandemic.

The food bank balances food surpluses and shortages: volunteers collect high-quality food that would end up in the trash. This food is sold in special stores for nearly one-third of the regular price to eligible people, such as those with small pensions or those in need of social assistance.

In addition to food donations, the food banks in Ulm and the Alb-Donau district also welcome donations of time in the form of volunteer assistance with the collection and sale of food or monetary donations.

SPHEREA is part of the project FIFAA “Fit for the world of work with autism” of the Autismus Zentrum Schwaben. This project supports people with autism in entering the world of work.

While social communication is a prerequisite in today’s professional life, autistic people perceive their environment less in terms of social signals, but pay attention to small details. The goal of the project is to enable more autistic people to make a smooth transition from school or training to work by improving their compensatory strategies and to support companies in hiring autistic people.

SPHEREA is convinced that people with autism can be an asset to the economy as well. In case of suitable people we would be happy to offer internships or permanent jobs together with the Autismus Zentrum Schwaben.

SPHEREA donated laptops that were no longer in use to Quartiersozialarbeit Wiblingen in June and November 2021. The laptops were checked in advance by SPHEREA staff and equipped with new system software. Recipients of the laptops are families who are confronted with the difficult situation of homeschooling due to the Corona pandemic with children of school age.

Quartalsozialarbeit Wiblingen supports families with different cultural backgrounds and provides a meeting place to bring them together.

Since November 2021, SPHEREA has received the rating “Family-conscious company” of the FamilyNet cooperation. This cooperation is made up of entrepreneurs from Baden-W├╝rttemberg and the Baden-W├╝rttemberg State Family Council and, together with the Baden-W├╝rttemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism, awards committed companies with the “Family-conscious company” rating, thus setting an example for more family-friendliness.

We ensure that good working conditions prevail in our modern office and laboratory premises. Furthermore, we are convinced that the application of the collective agreement (ÔÇťTarifvertrag der Metall- und ElektroindustrieÔÇŁ) ensures very fair, contractual conditions for our employees. This is important to us.

In addition to these framework conditions, we take care of health protection that goes well beyond the minimum legal requirements: High-quality medical check every three years, hotline for the concerns of employees and their relatives, ergonomics counseling, psychosomatic counseling, company doctor, support for the gym, gymnastics at the workplace, stress trainingÔÇŽ

Our engineers develop new products for our customers every day. For us, it goes without saying that we observe the legal requirements for the use of materials (key point ROHs).

Our test systems are often in use for many years. This means that individual components can no longer be repaired or procured. To avoid scrapping the equipment, we look for clever solutions to replace the components without affecting the test task of our overall system.

For old equipment that is no longer usable, we offer our customers to find interested parties who can continue to use this old equipment. This is an active contribution to the circular economy.

Our suppliers and partners provide up to 50% in the value chain of our products. Therefore, we attach importance to ensuring that our values (business ethics, human rights) are also observed by our suppliers and partners. To this end, we have defined a charter that we agree with our partners.


For SPHEREA, governance means responsible, sustainable management and includes fairness and transparency. In order to meet the requirements of responsible and compliant corporate governance, SPHEREA has defined values for itself according to which it acts. To ensure this along the entire supply chain, SPHEREA has also passed on this responsibility to suppliers, sub-suppliers and partners.

SPHEREA has defined its own DNA (world of values) for itself and its employees, which all employees are familiar with and according to which SPHEREA employees act on a daily basis:

Innovation, creativity, agility: If the wind of change is blowing, some build a wall and we will build windmills. We like to manage the agility of our business world through the creativity of our people leading to innovation in our products and the way of working.

Team work & leadership: The Team Spirit of SPHEREA is beyond the average and a key success factor. A great team requires professional leadership with integrity and inspiration.

Target oriented processes: Our processes are developed by our people and always focused on targets. We are using the processes in the daily operations in order to deliver outstanding results.

Highly involved people: As an engineering company selling and delivering complex project and products we fully depend on the performance and the commitment of our people. We recognize our employees as the most valuable asset of our company.

Focus on customer: We believe that enthusiastic customers will enable us to deliver the expected results and to develop ourselves. Therefore, we always have to keep the focus on the customers.

Lived values: Values are impacting our daily operations and are taken seriously by the managers and our people.

Social responsibility: We are part of the society in Ulm, linked to our business partners and impacting the environment. Therefore, we need to take responsibility and contribute to the society.

Member of Spherea Group: Spherea Group is the sole shareholder of Spherea GmbH and we are a member of the Spherea Group. We can take benefits out of that, but we shall also contribute to the Spherea Group success.

Code of Ethics: Code of Ethics is for us not just a formal obligation, but a very important value for our business. Compliance to the legal and ethical rules as well as a commitment to our DNA is absolutely mandatory for us.

As part of its corporate responsibility, SPHEREA is committed to placing legal and ethical obligations at the center of its business activities and to fulfilling them beyond the legal framework. Although the Supply Chain Sourcing Act does not apply to Spherea due to the size of the company, we intend to use it for our benefit. To meet the high standards, the relationship between SPHEREA and its partners and suppliers plays a key role. SPHEREA requires that partners and suppliers, as well as all participants in the entire supply chain, comply with all regulations and laws of the country in which business of any kind is conducted. SPHEREA ensures this by adhering to the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Charter for Partners and Suppliers.

Since 2020, SPHEREA has been represented in the Senate of the Economy by the Managing Director of SPHEREA, Martin Kugelmann, and thus have the chance to help shape a sustainable future in the spirit of John F. Kennedy’s quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask rather what you can do for your country!”

The Senate of Economy is composed of personalities from business, science and society who are particularly aware of their responsibility to the state and society. Together, they contribute to the practical implementation of the sustainability goals oriented toward the common public benefit in the sense of the ecological-social market economy. The Senate of Economy is purely oriented towards the common good and is in constant dialogue with representatives from politics and science.

The ethical principles of the Senate’s community of values can also be the basis and guideline for the economic actions of the members of the Senate. Fairness and partnership in business life as well as the social competence of entrepreneurs and executives shape the work of the Senate.

In 2018, SPHEREA was awarded the Ludwig Erhard Prize in bronze (German excellence price).

The Ludwig Erhard Prize is awarded on the basis of an intensive assessment process to organizations and companies that distinguish themselves through a holistic management system and the sustainable success of their business activities. The underlying assessment methodology for the process is the EFQM model.

To further spread the idea of excellence in Germany, Spherea is a member of the Ludwig Erhard Award initiative. Our managing director Martin Kugelmann is a member of the jury.

SPHEREA is certified according to the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001, EN 9100 and the international environmental management standard ISO14001. We also consider the requirements of AQAP as well as the railroad quality management system ISO/TS 22163.

The complaint mechanism can be used to report violations of human rights or environmental obligations in the business area of the Spherea GmbH as well as in its supply chains. In addition, it is possible to report violations of legal regulations and internal standards. The submission of a complaint can also be made anonymously.