heart of test

and maintenance systems


Product Description

UTMS is the heart of our test and maintenance systems. The software supports the entire test application development lifecycle including

  • Test specification
  • Test implementation
  • Test execution
  • Test documentation


Multiple standardized military and civil test application development processes are supported.

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UTMS consists of a development environment for test applications and the test execution system for end users.

UTMS.neXt is a big step forward. The application was rewritten from scratch to address software obsolescence issues and to improve the usability on mobile devices. We are supporting the latest operating systems. You can trust in our promise to give long term support: Existing test programs are 100% compatible and don’t need to be recertified.

Our test benches and mobile test solutions are empowered by UTMS.neXt. Safe operation is guaranteed. More detailed information is provided in the GPATE and the OnHEST reference project.


  • Modern user interface also supporting tablets
  • UUT (Unit under Test) and test data management
  • Customer specific reportings and user interfaces by configuration – no development need
  • Diagnostic tests allowing failure analysis
  • Test documentation management (support of IETD, pdf, html…)
  • Support of multiple bus systems including MilBus
  • Work in parallel while a test application is running e.g. analyze previous reports
  • 100% backwards compatibility


  • Fieldproven maintainability of test applications over decades – not only years
  • Supports mobile as well as large scale test bench systems
  • Guaranteed long-term support
  • Nearly no training needed
  • Extendable with customer-specific plugins

Application Areas

  • Special-to-Type-Test-Equipment (STTE)
  • Maintenance systems (GPATE)
  • On Aircraft Tester (VeriDAS)

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GPATE a generic test bench supported by UTMS.neXt

UTMS is used by our End-to-End test system VeriDAS