Early detection of failures

of electronic assemblies

Test system for production

Project Description

Electronical assemblies of different weapon systems include electronic assemblies which consists of qualified, electronical components. These components have a high error rate and fail in about 30% of the cases and cannot be replaced by reliable components.

The various weapon systems contain many individual assemblies. On average one assembly fails in each weapon system. This leads to considerable delays, which can cause financial damage as well as damage to the company’s image.

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The test system of SPHEREA which is designed as table system, tests the production as well as incoming goods by performing a continuous stress test. The individual assemblies pass a defined number of test cycles with the aim of detecting early failures of the assemblies. Furthermore the test system recognizes if the assembly changes its behavior during the course of the test.

The system consists of a control unit and a mechanical holder for the unit under test. The UTMS.neXt software developed by SPHEREA is used for the control.

SPHEREA Germany ‚Äď Magnettester


  • Detection of early failure of assemblies
  • Assembly of components with long-term stability
  • No delay due to failing assemblies
  • Mobile desktop device

Application Area

  • Military land systems