Detection of the condition through automated

testing of information and control lines

Twin Train-Interface

Product Description

Detection of the condition of locomotives, wagons and train sets through automated testing of information and control lines.

The TwinTrain interface tests the conventional information and control lines between wagons and locomotives. The discrete signals and the message buses are simulated and read out. The system supports communication according to the IRS-50558 specification. Via a graphical user interface, functions for door and light control as well as loudspeakers and voice connections can be directly controlled. Read-out status information such as car numbers is displayed to the user. Depending on customer requirements, fixed test sequences including logging are also possible. The TwinTrain interface can take the leading and guided role in the train set.


  • Testing of information and control lines
  • Formation of a virtual train formation by simulation of locomotive or wagon
  • Support during commissioning
  • Function tests possible in 1-man operation on stand-alone vehicle

Application Area

  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Vehicle provision