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Flight Line Tester

Product Description

The Flight Line Testers are Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE) for on-platform tests and can be used stand-alone as well as in a complete system test controlled by VeriDAS. The most distinctive feature of the Flight Line Testers is them being directly attached to the aircraft sensors.

Optical Threat Generator

The Optical Threat Generator Flight Line Tester is used to test the laser warning receiver by stimulating the sensors with a laser threat from various directions over a 180 degree field of view and successively at low-band, mid-band and high-band wavelengths. SPHEREA Flight Line Testers, already in service as stand-alone test systems on several platforms, are used to provide stimulation for optical tests under control from the VeriDAS system controller.

Ultra Violet Stimulator

The Ultra Violet Stimulator Flight Line Tester verifies the missile launch detection system performance in recognizing threats by stimulating its sensor units with UV light under different angles of incidence comparable to a real missile. VeriDAS checks the azimuth and elevation of the detected alarm and the sensitivity of the sensor.

Zero Voltage Tester

The Zero Voltage Tester (ZVT) is a hand-held device which is inserted into a Cartridge Dispenser Module (CDM) instead of a magazine. By inserting the ZVT into a Cartridge Dispenser Module (CDM) any stray voltage is discharged and the zero voltage test verifies that no voltage is present on the firelines. Execution of a zero voltage test is recommended before each loading of a CDM with chaff and/or flares to ensure safe ammunition loading.

Chaff/Flare Dispenser Payload Simulator

The Chaff/Flare (C/F) Dispenser Payload Simulator (DPS) is a stand-alone test equipment designed for functional tests of the C/F-System. The main task of the DPS is to simulate the presence of a real magazine, in order to check the whole dispensing chain. Therefore the DPS is directly inserted into the Cartridge Dispenser Module (CDM) instead of the magazine. The DPS is able to simulate good, missing and faulty ammunition as well as different ammunition code settings. The functional tests can take place directly at the A/C prior to take-off or deployment in order to provide the air crew with maximum confidence in their Expendable Dispensing System (EDS). Like the ZVT, is the DPS is able to perform a zero voltage test.


On-platform tests

The Flight Line Testers are Aircraft Ground Equipment for on-platform tests and can be used stand-alone as well as in a complete system test controlled by VeriDAS. The main differentiator is, that the Flight Line Testers are directly coupled with the aircraft sensors. Therefore, a precise and repeatable test signal is provided independent from environmental conditions, distance and operator.

Harsh conditions

The Flight Line Testers are suitable to use in outdoor and harsh conditions due to their Military Standard specifications. All parts of the Testers are delivered in a transport case with foam insert to provide protection during storage and transport.

Application Area

For aircraft and helicopters equipped with an Expendable Dispensing System (EDS), the Flight Line Tester contributes to enhanced mission availability, by providing a tool for quick and exhaustive on-aircraft testing of the EDS in airfield environments.

The Flight Line Testers are currently used for the A400M, Tiger and NH90 and can easily be adapted to other aircrafts or helicopters.

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