Verification of

defensive aids system

Test concept VeriDAS and test application OnHEST

Product Description

Defensive aids systems are essential in enhancing aircraft and helicopter platform survivability. The SPHEREA VeriDAS End-to-End test system provides confirmation of mission readiness and operational capability through rapid yet exhaustive on-aircraft testing of self-protection systems.

OnHEST is the implemented the test concept for the German Armed Forces for the support of the helicopter NH90 TTH, UH-Tiger.


Comprehensive System Test

VeriDAS tests not only individual parts of the self-protection equipment, complementary to any system built-in test capability, but confirms end-to-end system functionality. This ensures that any potential cable faults or problems with sub-system interfaces are identified and sensor degradation can be monitored. Successive stimulation of the Missile Launch Detection System (MLDS), Laser Warning Receiver (LWR) and Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) under computer control ensures that all important threat types are simulated. The correct reaction of the Defensive AIDS System (DAS) is then verified by reading out bus system information and monitoring acoustical and optical warnings. Furthermore, VeriDAS ensures the functionality of countermeasures, such as Chaff and Flare dispensers, by replacing a real magazine with a suitable payload simulator which tests the ejection performance in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode.

Modularity provides high degree of flexibility

The VeriDAS Central Measurement Unit uses standard commercial off-the-shelf test equipment to provide the most cost effective measurement solution. The modular approach is particular flexible in order to be able to adapt to changes in system requirements or to different platforms. Additional interfaces or measurement resources can be easily integrated into the system.

VeriDAS is particularly easy to set up and use. The control interface on the ruggedized tablet computer uses the proven SPHEREA Universal Test and Maintenance Management System (UTMS) software already widely in use on major defense projects.

Application Area

The VeriDAS is an AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) for military helicopters and aircrafts useable also for VIP aircrafts. It is suitable for outdoor use and operation in harsh conditions. At the moment the VeriDAS is used at the NH90 TTH helicopter, but thanks to its modular design it can easily be adapted to other platforms. Former systems have been developed for MRCA TORNADO, C160 TRANSALL and F4 PHANTOM.

The VeriDAS can be used in a wide range of scenarios, from in depth analysis during planned maintenance to quick mission readiness check.

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