Efficient and fast testing

for man pack, vehicle and convoy jammer

Protection Jammer Tester

Product description

The Protection Jammer Tester (PJT) is used for testing the functioning of Radio Frequency (RF) jammer systems.

The simple design and operation allows the user to quickly and efficiently verify that the tested active, re-active or hybrid jammer system is performing as expected.
The function tests answers two different questions: are the frequencies, programmed in the jammer system, jammed and is the power emmited by the jammer as expected. This highly efficient and reproducible verification of jammer systems puts an end to the evaluation of measurement results on spectrum analyzers and the associated interpreration of measurement results!


  • Real parametric test (Results on frequency and power)
  • Any jammer type or operating mode (active, re-active, hybrid)
  • Wide frequency range from 20 – 6,000 MHz
  • Reproducible measurement results across different test systems
  • Mobile test system – autonomous operation with rechargeable battery
  • Ease of operation
  • Short test time
  • User programmable
  • Mil grade

Application Area

The PJT has been designed according to standard military specifications. It is suitable for outdoor use and operation in harsh conditions.

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