Vehicle real-time monitoring

through simulation

Twin Train-Real Time

Product Description

The tool for experts to investigate unresolved issues on the moving train. SPHEREA offers a full service including an expert for this purpose.

If fault cases only occur in certain situations during operation, their recording and analysis can quickly become very complicated. In order to proceed in a targeted manner, SPHEREA offers TwinTrain-Real Time. Together with an expert from SPHEREA, a concept for data acquisition is worked out. The exact recording of the circumstances and environmental conditions in which the faulty behavior occurs is elementary in order to be able to reproduce and examine it later. The measurement hardware records different electrical and electronic signals as well as bus communication in real time. The display of the recorded data depends on the investigated fault case. The system can be programmed to detect defined fault patterns and inform the user.

A special feature is that the system can also react in real time and even simulate signals. This means that certain states of the system can be responded to during the test drive and signals can be simulated. Both the recorded data and the simulation can be geolocated.

Once the fault has been detected and the environmental conditions recorded, the TwinTrain-Real Time can simulate them via the various interfaces. This re-enactment of the fault case allows targeted parameter changes to be made in order to arrive at a solution.

The functionality can also be used to reliably perform special verification tasks during test drives.


  • More safety in troubleshooting/failure analysis/failure documentation through accurate measurements
  • Exchange with experts for measurement and test concepts
  • Re-enactment of (fault) situations
  • Targeted modification of signal parameters to find solutions
  • Use in the workshop environment as well as during test drives

Application Areas

  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • System Verification