Safety even at

high speeds


Product Description

Test runs play an important role in the development of modern high-speed trains. In order to obtain reliable information for the further development and improvement of rail vehicles, the rail vehicle must be tested at its limits. The speed can reach over 200 km/h and places high demands on the technology. To guarantee the security during usage of the railway vehicle, SPHEREA developed the Speedbox. The Speedbox ensures that the maximum speed limit for the respective section of track is not exceeded.

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The recorded speed independently of the train (GPS) and the current location are compared with a stored speed profile. If the railway vehicle drives too fast, the Speedbox automatically triggers the braking process. The degree of intervention depends on the customer’s specification. Depending on the configuration, there is the possible to send an information to the driver to give the opportunity to adjust the speed before the braking process automatically initiates. This represents an additional level of safety and the driver of the train can concentrate on his actual work.

SPHEREA Germany ‚Äď ETCS Speedbox


  • Continuous monitoring
  • Additional and independent safety system
  • Configuration according to customer requirements
  • Automatic control of vehicle functions

Application Area

  • Railway industry
  • Real-time monitoring