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We are celebrating our 10th anniversary

The Spherea Forum brings together people from different industries to exchange information and learn from each other. The focus is on increasing the availability of all types of vehicles through efficient maintenance based on innovative test solutions.

Spherea in transition

This year’s motto is “Spherea in transition”. The order situation was already very good at the beginning of the year, but Spherea, like most companies in southern Germany, was struggling with the labor shortage. With the help of a new recruiting method via our social media channels, Spherea was able to increase its workforce by a full 27%.
Spherea also completed the in-house developments Protection Jammer Tester and TwinTrain-MultiBrake and delivered them to customers.

Introduction of the TwinTrain-Family

SPHEREA’s TwinTrain-Family was launched. The TwinTrain-Family included various products for the railway sector that test electrical and electronic components at an early stage and in an automated manner. The TwinTrain-Cloud bundles data across locations and shows trends. The complete product series was presented on a train model at InnoTrans in Berlin.
The highlight of the year was a large TwinTrain MultiBrake order. The brake tester simultaneously checks a large number of individual brakes of a train and records all relevant parameters.

2021 Awards in the second Corona year

No one wished for it, but 2021 will go down in history as the second Corona year. In addition to economic success, SPHEREA was also able to enjoy several awards in these difficult times: familyNET BW awarded us the title of “family-conscious company”. Kununu rated us as a Top Company and “Die Welt” attested to our high attractiveness. At the end of the year, we received 5 stars for our top performance from the Ludwig Erhard Prize initiative.

Successful fiscal year even in the Corona crisis

SPHEREA responded quickly and responsibly to the Corona crisis and protected its employees by consistently implementing hygiene measures. At the same time, this contributed to the global containment of the Corona virus. Part of the hygiene measures was the purchase of high-quality air purifiers. As a result, SPHEREA continues to be a stable factor for customers and partners and was able to continue long-term contracts as well as conclude new ones.

SPHEREA starts in new market

SPHEREA has successfully sold its first test system, the coupling tester, to the railway market. For SPHEREA is it the breakthrough into an additional market.

German Excellence Price in Bronze for SPHEREA

We were awarded by the initiative Ludwig-Erhard-Preis e.V. (ILEP) with the German Ludwig Erhard Excellence award in bronze for entrepreneurial excellence.

SPHEREA GmbH will be ready for the future

We are able to extend our product portfolio and range of customers and to create future-oriented solutions. The strong German economy allows us to address customers in civil aviation, transportation, security market, space, industry, …

Spherea Germany – Neues Gebäude seit 2016

Move to a new building

In Germany, the next step is done: The move into a new company building. A new, modern environment means new possibilities for our partners and customers. The benefits gained from independence are faster action and reaction.

Spherea Germany – 2016 Logo

Foundation of SPHEREA GmbH with transfer of shares to SPHEREA Group

Today SPHEREA in Germany is a self-feeding, fully operational company well recognized in Germany and European defense market.

Spherea Germany – GPATE 2007

Set-up of a project and engineering team

The real start of a full operational unit was linked with the contract award for the NH90 GPATE in 2007. Later on the German profit center took over the responsibility of other tester activities in Germany.

Foundation of a profit center with a sales office for Test&Services in Germany

In order to facilitate common business a Test&Services profit center with own sales activities has been established in 2004.

Spherea Germany – Deutsch-Französische Zusammenarbeit

Start of collaboration with Test&Services in France

End of 1990ties, beginning 2000, we worked together with the Test&Services – at this stage a pure French entity – on the first studies for a Avionic Test Bench for the new NATO Helicopter NH90.

Spherea Germany – VeriDAS 1994

First test solution for the electronic warfare

Beginning of the 1990ties we supported the German Air Forces during their first out-of-area missions with test solutions for the electronic warfare – the roots for our VeriDAS product today.

Spherea Germany – 1953 Telefunken Ulm

Restart of Telefunken activities on a new site in Ulm

After the Second World War Germany decided to build a new factory and research center for the famous and traditional TELEFUNKEN. In addition to the already available RF tube factory, the new facility became famous for RF technology, radios, receiver, radio direction finder and last but not least radars.


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Colloborative innovation with key partners

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