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Our Competencies


Project Management

International Standards (PMI/ PMBOK)

Lean Processes in a complex context

Risk Sharing Partner

Sector-specific standards

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Utilisation of the expertise of our partners and the Spherea Group

Independent selection of the best components

Integration and debugging of complex systems

Close Collaboration with our Suppliers

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System development

Design according to real customer needs

System Design

Application of the INCOSE standard

HW- and SW-In-The-Loop

Mastering complex systems

Verification and validation according to required standards

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In-house Test Sequence Control UTMS

Real-time Simulation U-TEST

Driver for Device Control

Embedded Software

Web and Cloud Technologies

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Electrical Design

Printed Circuit Boards

Mechanical Design

Repairs and Calibration

Electrical Safety

CE Conformity

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Test applications

Automated Test Sequences

Measurement Technology

Platform and Workshop Testers

Long-term operational use

Reverse Engineering

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Process Optimisation / Automatisation

Full Service Contracts

Test Equipment Maintenance


Obsolescence Management

We are supporting
the entire life cycle of a system

System design
systemdesign System design: Tools for ptorotyping
Detailed Design
FeinentwurfDetailed Design: Simulation means, software based, integration benches
Integration test
IntegrationsprüfungIntegration test: Integration test benches (equipment, systems)
System test
SystemprüfungSystem test: Integration test benches (equipment, systems)
LinienprüfsystemProduction: Final Assembly Line test system, production test benches
WartungsprüfständeMaintenance: Maintenance test benches
Life extension
Verlängerung der Lebensdauer Life extension: Obsolescence management Life extension
System design: Tools for prototyping
Detailed design: Simulation means, software based, integration benches
Integration test: Integration test benches (equipment, systems)
System test: Integration test benches (equipment, systems)
Production: Final Assembly Line test system, production test benches
Maintenance: Maintenance test benches
Life extension: Obsolescence management Life extension

Our Technologies

SPHEREA Germany – Sicherheitskritische Umgebung

Safety Critical

As soon as a complex system is linked with safety, SPHEREA technologies bricks can be put together to provide validation, verification, and readiness for certification.

Radio Frequencies

Data and information transmission belongs to most testing projects. SPHEREA masters technologies up to radar frequencies to design testing tools for RF emitting and receiving systems such as jammers or radar warners.

SPHEREA Germany – Elektronische Kriegsführung

Electronic Warfare

Army of several nations have deployed SPHEREA EWS workshop and portable especialy designed test equipment. Test equipment is modular and comprises on platform LRU test units.

Spherea Germany – MIL-Grade


As core competence, SPHEREA can realise all types of rigs and other measuring, simulating and testing equipment fulfilling the ultimate MIL Standards in system as well as in process quality.

SPHEREA Germany – Simulation


Measurement & Testing is nowadays fully integrated into development and production. SPHEREA provides generic platforms (HW/SW) to modell, simulate all types of electronic/electric environment.

SPHEREA Germany – Sensoren


SPHEREA can modell or physically bring on any equipment, including measuring and testing devices of all kinds of sensors and actuators and make them become smart tools.

SPHEREA Germany – Optronik


Linking electronic with optic and simulate them in different environments in order to calibrate both technologies is one of the core competencies of SPHEREA.

Spherea Germany – Elektronik (Avionic)

Electronic (Avionic)

Test benches from equipment via systems, to complete Rigs and Iron Birds in development, production and maintenance.

SPHEREA Germany – Obsoleszenz

Obsolescence Treatment

Never change a running system! Even after 30 years, SPHEREA ensures perenity of MIL and Aerospace complex complete system (HW/SW).

SPHEREA Germany – Digitale Lösungen

Digital Solutions

Being able to transform data into information and knowledge management with the possibility to integrate supervision of availability, status and localisation is part of this digital brick.

SPHEREA Germany – Energie


Should you require to go from 200mA up to 2kA within ms according to a certain path or should you look for absorbtion, SPHEREA models, simulates, measures, and tests all power sources.

SPHEREA Germany – Einsetzbare Systeme

Deployable Systems

The need to have mobile testing facilities is constantly growing. SPHEREA can provide full equipment containment up to ISO5 in a mobile infrastructure.

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