Automated testing of

bogie components

Twin Train-Move

Product Description

More and more electronic components are being installed in bogies. These can be simple temperature sensors up to complex control units as well as safety critical antenna systems for train control. SPHEREA supplies test solutions for testing all electronic components and antennas installed in the bogie to ensure that the bogie is functional before it is integrated. In addition, mandatory impedance and insulation tests are performed. This leads to a significant improvement of quality and reduction of maintenance and assembly times. Optionally, it is possible to dynamically test the signals on a roller test bench. The test is performed in parallel to the maintenance of the mechanical bogie components to save time. No safety-relevant test can be omitted by an automated process. All measurement results are logged and are available at any time.


  • Testing of antennas (e.g. for LZB, ETCS)
  • Robust design for workshop use
  • Digital Logging
  • Manual and automatic mode
  • Significant reduction of rework at train level
  • Significant reduction of test drives

Application Area

  • Maintenance: incoming inspection
  • Maintenance: Output control
  • Production