Battery emulation with

simulation of internal resistance

E-Motor & Battery Emulator

Product description

Pluton is a current converter whose control with an FPGA allows real time calculations: emulation of the internal resistance, SOC calculation, hour meter. It can be used as a DC current source or as a regenerative DC load in its three-phase network up to the limit of its nominal power. The isolated 0-10V analog bus (pilot, voltage pattern, current pattern) makes Pluton usable as an amplifier in a PHIL system (Power Hardware-in-the-Loop). Several units can be connected in parallel, in series or as a matrix to create a high-performance network in the voltage range of ¬Ī 1500 VDC.
In conjunction with a manager rack, Pluton can be remotely controlled via an Ethernet or RS 485 connection (TCP/IP and ModBus protocols).


  • High accuracy 0,5 %
  • High efficiency > 93%
  • Transients (10%-90%) ‚ȧ 100 őľs
  • Very low noise
  • Very low output impedance
  • 100% absorption capacity
  • Regenerative
  • HVDC grids up to 3000V

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