Merry Christmas

We have test kits for our customers’ electronics; unfortunately, no vaccine. You can have both. Get tested and even better, get vaccinated. All of our employees (100%) have done so. Follow this example. Despite the necessary restrictions, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful start into 2022. Stay healthy!


SPHEREA can also wear a mustache!
The worldwide Movember movement supports various men’s health projects. We supported this symbolically by letting some of them grow a mustache; but also financially with a donation of 250ÔéČ by our employees – and we visibly had fun doing it: a kind of online team building.
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Stress Management Workshop

Almost everyone has it, no one wants it – stress. Whether in everyday life or in private life, stress is hardly avoidable. But what is the best way to deal with stress? Is there anything you can do in the short and long term to deal with stress better?
These are precisely the questions that Spherea employees addressed in the 4-part workshop series on stress management.

Digitale Werkstatt

We are very pleased to be part of the “Digital Workshop” event of the Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt. Besides many interesting presentations and discussions, we have the opportunity to present our new product TwinTrain-Traction directly at the streetcar.
Click here for the product video

Railway Forum in Berlin

We were very pleased to participate in this year’s Railway Forum 2021 in Berlin. For us it was the first exhibition in a long time which was successfully carried out with hygiene concept and 3G measures. We were able to hold many interesting discussions and would like to thank everyone who visited our booth.

City cycling campaign in Ulm

The city cycling campaign starts in May across Germany. Our team “Sphereaner” is taking part in the city cycling campaign of the city of Ulm. The aim of this campaign is to cover as many kilometres as possible by bike in 21 days to promote cycling, protect the climate and improve the quality of life in the communities – and ultimately to have fun cycling!