January Workshop 2024

As every year, our January workshop took place last month. In addition to defining the company goals for the new year and the process goals derived from them, we had plenty of time to get to know our colleagues a little better during the many team games and the evening event.


In November, we dedicated ourselves to mustaches, not just to show style, but to raise awareness.
Spherea joined the Movember movement to bring light on men’s health, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and the importance of mental health.
Our mustaches were more than a fashion statement; they were a symbol of solidarity for men worldwide.
A big thanks you to everyone who participated and supported! Together, we make a difference.

Values and DNA workshop

On Monday we had a workshop to revise our values and DNA, every Spherean was invited to participate.

As a team, we critically analyzed and re-evaluated Spherea’s values. It was an opportunity to review the fundamentals of our company and make sure they reflect our current vision and mission. We have defined new important values for ourselves that reflect the diversity and dynamic of Spherea’s culture. We have also said goodbye to outdated values.

Gifts with a heart

This year, our team once again took part in the “Gifts with a heart” charity campaign organized by humedica e.V. to bring Christmas joy to children from Eastern Europe. Thanks to all colleagues who brought gifts and helped with the wrapping.

First aid course

For whom has the first aid course from the driving licence also been a long time ago? Our partner, the German red cross, gave our team a fresh-up emergency training in reanimation and wound care this month. Thank you for the refresher on this important topic!

Spherea summer party

Our summer party in the Bootshaus in Ulm was a complete success! Inspiring presentations on Lean Management with Dr Thorsten Gerberich, sports activation with Janine Berger and an interview with her about common challenges in sports and business. Finally, our employees presented the latest products and developments internally.
We ended the evening with a delicious barbecue buffet and cold drinks.
Thanks to all participants for this great day!