German Excellence Price in Bronze for Spherea

We were awarded by the initiative Ludwig-Erhard-Preis e.V. (ILEP) with the German Ludwig Erhard Excellence award in bronze for entrepreneurial excellence.

Experienced assessors of ILEP were able to convince themselves during an intensive assessment especially of professional project management in complex, international projects as well as a high employee and customer orientation of Spherea. The strategy is consistently implemented in target oriented processes. “All employees are involved in the definition of the company and process targets. The high involvement of employees leads to a high identification and implementation strength, which distinguishes us positively from other medium-sized companies.” says Martin Kugelmann, the Managing Director of Spherea GmbH. “This is not only important for the satisfaction of employees, it also leads to a holistic high quality and customer satisfaction.”

To develop the company continuously, the management team of Spherea GmbH is looking for the exchange with other companies in the field of innovation, technology and management systems.