Our online event series on the topic of mobility has started successfully

Our online event series “We create mobility. Does mobility create us? Mobility needs creators!” started last Friday with the online breakfast. We would like to thank all participants for their active participation. The exchange on the topic of mobility with Mr. Wortmann, President of the VDV and Mr. Möbius, General Manager of the VDB and Mr. Rückl, Development Engineer of Spherea was very interesting and showed different perspectives on the topic of mobility. The guest speakers agreed that the statements “We create mobility.” and “Mobility needs creators.” are true and that mobility does not “create” us. Three more Espresso Talks are planned between now and InnoTrans, with equally exciting guest speakers. Feel free to still register and discuss various topics of mobility with us. Click here to register.

Awarded as “family-conscious company”

At the beginning of the year, Spherea was recognized as a “family-conscious company” by FamilyNet. This involves looking at various fields of action and evaluating the company’s respective commitment. We thought that this fits very well with Mother’s Day on Sunday and wish all mothers and families a great weekend.
Here you find more about the award.

Bike Repair Day

Our bicycles are now also ready for the city cycling! The bikes of the entire staff were thoroughly checked by the “Fahrrad Werker” last week. In the process, our exhibition trailer was transformed into a mobile repair workshop. The costs for the repair were covered by SPHEREA!

Ulm city cycling

Just in time for Labor Day, the city cycling event is taking place again all over Germany. The aim of city cycling is to cycle as many everyday journeys as possible in a climate-friendly way over a period of 21 days. Of course, the Sphereans are taking part again.

Career Opportunity BayernMentoring

We support female students at Neu-Ulm University through mentoring. Mentoring means that a female manager from our company advises and accompanies a female student. In technical courses in particular, it is motivating to have role models from the real world. We have been participating in this great project for 2 years now with two female mentors from Spherea.

Participation at the DWT Forum “Applied Research for Defense and Security in Germany”

Under the depressing impression of the war in Ukraine, various representatives of research, Bundeswehr and industry met during the DWT Forum “Applied Research for Defense and Security in Germany” to talk about future technologies. We met many already familiar faces, made new contacts, had interesting conversations, listened to exciting lectures and gave a presentation on “Inspection for AI systems”.