4. Spherea Forum –
Outlook for another 10 years of Spherea

The fourth Spherea Forum is a proven platform where people from different industries can exchange information and learn from each other. The focus is on increasing the availability of vehicles and flying platforms of all kinds through efficient maintenance based on innovative test solutions.
Be part of the fourth Spherea Forum and immerse yourself in the world of testing, take the opportunity to think outside the box. We would also like to take the opportunity to take a look at the past and the next 10 years of Spherea with you.

The world of Spherea was created 10 years ago and has continued to develop. However, the Spherea world cannot exist on its own and is in fact part of a universe. It contains ecosystems that are essential for the survival of the Spherea world:


Without the “Aerospace” ecosystem, the Spherea World would never have come into existence.

Without the “defense” ecosystem, the Spherea could never make their contribution to security.

Without the “railroad” ecosystem, the Spherea world would never grow and contribute to mobility.

Without sustainable aviation, Spherea would not be fit for the future.

Without the ecosystems with customers, small and large companies, suppliers and partners, associations and service providers, the Spherea Group and finally with our employees, the Spherea world would not function.


At first glance, the ecosystems mentioned above do not appear to have much in common, apart from the aspect of mobility. On closer inspection, however, there are many points of contact. It therefore makes sense to network and exchange ideas beyond the boundaries of the individual organizations. This is precisely the platform we are offering at our 4th Spherea Forum. Let’s uncover more similarities between the aviation, defense and rail sectors, learn from each other and talk about the topics of the future, such as the use of artificial intelligence. Only together can we master the major challenges of the future.


The Spherea Forum is accompanied by conferences by various partners. Participation is only possible for the respective members, but there is an opportunity for exchange between the participants during the Forum.

08:30: Pre-program

We offer our partner organizations, customers and suppliers the opportunity to hold meetings in the forefront of our Spherea Forum. We support you with conference rooms and logistics. This saves you effort and travelling time.

After your conference, we provide a shuttle service so that you can all get to the Spherea Forum on time.

14:00: Registration

We warmly welcome you to our Spherea Forum 2024. Here you already have the first opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants over snacks and drinks.

15:00: Opening of the Spherea Forum - Best of Spherea World

Look forward to a journey with Spherea through the best of the last 10 years, the best of today and the best of tomorrow; the best of our common world.

Martin Kugelmann, Managing Director of Spherea GmbH

15:30: Keynotes VDV and BDSV

Be inspired by two exciting keynotes from our ecosystems.

16:00: Panel discussion: Automation, digitalization and artificial intelligence

At first glance, the ecosystems of the Spherea do not seem to have much in common. At second glance, however, they have one important touchpoint: both ecosystems use increasingly complex systems whose safety and availability are of crucial importance.

The rail industry has to deal with ensuring the safety of passengers and freight as well as the availability of rail transportation systems.

The core task of the Bundeswehr (and its NATO partners) is to ensure national and alliance defense. Military systems must also be available for this purpose.

The security and defense industry has the task of supporting the Bundeswehr and its NATO partners.

Let us discuss together the extent to which automation, digitalization and artificial intelligence can contribute to the security and availability of the necessary systems. The implementation of automation, digitalization and artificial intelligence offers both opportunities and risks.

Even if the ecosystems seem to have nothing to do with each other at first glance, we believe that we can learn from each other.

17:00: Networking & coffee break

Take advantage of the coffee break to refresh yourself and network with people from different areas.

17:15: Panel: Opportunities and challenges in the areas of railroads, mobility and defense - a (joint) view of the current and future situation in France, the UK, Germany and their neighbors

Europe must continue to grow together. There are already numerous Europe-wide projects that show that Europe-wide cooperation is necessary, but not always easy.

The panel will focus on current developments and a look into the future in France, the UK, Germany and their neighbors, with particular attention being paid to the specific national circumstances and challenges. In addition, the situation will be examined from the perspective of the Spherea Group.

By identifying common challenges, a vision emerges as to which topics are or will become relevant within Europe in the future and where cooperation, even on a “small scale”, could be worthwhile.

Patrice Bélie, Managing Director Spherea Group

Max Stover, Managing Director Spherea Test & Services Ltd. UK

Martin Kugelmann, Managing Director Spherea GmbH

17:45: Impulse: #Damnnearperfect - Sphereas' best of employer branding

Employees are a company’s most important resource. As an SME, it is not easy to attract and retain employees. Get an insight into “our” employer branding. Management, employees and an external expert will report from their perspective on how the Talent Register, the Employee Radar, the “M.E.E.T.” employee appraisals and the employee breakfast contribute to employee retention and why jointly defined corporate values are important.

Hopefully you will be able to take some inspiration home with you.

Susanne Sperrhake, Managing Director of Stärken-Werkstatt

Martin Kugelmann, Managing Director of Spherea GmbH

Employees of Spherea GmbH

18:15: Conclusion of day 1

Summary of the first day and outlook for day 2.

18:30: Spherea @ work

Take the opportunity to visit our site and let our employees explain our products to you. We look forward to your questions, ideas and comments.

19:15: Evening event

We cordially invite you to join us during the evening event to toast another 10 years of Spherea. In addition to music and a BBQ, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with all Spherea Forum participants and expand your network.

We won’t bore you, but we would be delighted to hear a short greeting or two.

The evening event will also take place at Magirus-Deutz-Straße 13, 89077 Ulm.

08:30: Registration & Come Together

We welcome you to our second day of the Spherea Forum. Here you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants over snacks and drinks.

09:00: Opening Day 2

Get a brief insight into the topics of the second day of the Spherea Forum.

09:30: Panel discussion: Panel discussion: Changing ecosystems and how we (should) deal with them

We are living in exciting times. The world is stumbling from one crisis to the next. The Covid pandemic has changed the world in ways we could never have imagined before. Current armed conflicts in Europe and the Middle East are leaving their mark on the entire world. Climate change is already having a significant effect. As a result, mobility is undergoing a major transformation.

These crises are having a lasting impact on society, the economy and politics, among other things. But if we see ourselves as an ecosystem, where we all work together on the challenges and develop solutions, then we can shape the future together. To do this, we must learn to deal with these volatile, complex and uncertain times and keep constantly adapting.

In this panel discussion, various players from our ecosystem will describe the challenges from their perspective, whether SMEs or large companies, manufacturers or operators, industry or politics. Together they will discuss how the ecosystems can support each other in dealing with the challenges. We will also discuss what prerequisites need to be created for this.

11:00: Deep Dive into the main topics of the Spherea Forum - now we need your opinion!

In various sessions, we will give you the opportunity to discuss individual topics or focal points in smaller groups and explore them in greater depth. The respective speakers and panellists will be available for this purpose.

Please register for a Deep Dive:

  • – The world 10 years ago, today and in 10 years’ time
  • – Automation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence
  • – Opportunities and challenges in the railway and defence sectors in an international context
  • – Importance and possibilities of employer branding
  • – Changing ecosystems and how we (should) deal with them
  • – SMEs and corporations – how can collaboration succeed
  • – Operational excellence – what does this mean?

12:30: Lunch & network

14:00: Build your network - partner introduction

Our partners are an important part of our Spherea world. We want to give our partners the opportunity to introduce themselves. Perhaps you will discover something in common that makes sense for you to work with one of our partners. Find out for yourself.

14:30: Build your network - network

Use the time for refreshments and to talk to our partners.

15:15: Operational Excellence @ spherea

You can look forward to gaining an insight into how Spherea implements the topic of operational excellence and strives for continuous improvement within the company. You can expect interesting facts about the EFQM model, lean principles and the Layered Process Audit (LPA).

We will also introduce the new Exzellenz Cluster Deutschland e.V., which we co-founded. Representatives of the EFQM will be there, as well as partners who have accompanied us on our path to operational excellence.

16:00: Closing and conclusion

Let’s bring the Spherea Forum and our 10th anniversary to a close together.

Take another opportunity to build up business contacts.

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