Inspection of

critical components

RF-Cable Tester

Product Description

RF-cables are extremely critical components of the entire system. SPHEREA tests the complete functionality and the specified values of the RF cables which are installed in the aircraft.

SPHEREA Germany ‚Äď HF-Kabeltester


Part of the VeriDAS family

The RF-cable tester is designed as an extension of the proven VeriDAS test system to amortize the existing investments more quickly and to enable a standardized user-friendly test system for the operators.

Complete testing

SPHEREA is not only testing the RF-cables for functionality but also for compliance with all important specified values. This helps in localization and detection of existing or potential faults of the entire system at an early stage.

Application Area

The RF-cable tester is used as an extension set of the proven VeriDAS system and is currently in use for the NH90 and TIGER helicopters. The system is suitable for all types of aircrafts and military land vehicles.