Final Assembly Line

Test Tools

SPHEREA has equipped the following AIRBUS sites:

  • Toulouse (France): A300/A310, A320, A330/340, A380, A350XWB FAL
  • Hamburg (Germany): A318/319/320/321, A380 FAL
  • Bandung (Indonesia): CN250 – IPTN FAL
  • Seville (Spain): A400M FAL
  • Tianjin (China): A320 FAL

Project Description

SPHEREA offers a computer-aided test solution for automating ground tests during the final assembly of an aircraft. The system validates the compliance of an aircraft prior to final acceptance.

These test tools are the result of knowledge gained on all the AIRBUS programs from the A320 to the A350. Beside the huge testing task itself, the test preparation and the configuration management (to deal with a huge amount of aircraft variants to deal with the airlines wishes) is a challenge.

SPHEREA intervenes at different levels:

  • Engaging with OEMs and Contractors, our engineers fully integrate into the team.
  • Requirements capture consultancy.
  • Design and installation of the appropriate system, software and hardware architecture.
  • Tool manufacture
  • Supply of tool maintenance solutions
  • Maintaining equipment and systems in operational conditions throughout the programme’s lifetime
  • Management of necessary system changes (series evolutions and new programs)


The advantages of such a system for a final assembly line include:

  • Increased productivity due to optimised tests
  • Reduced operator errors, the system is completely automated
  • Easy to use / Ergonomic
  • Lower integration costs