Increased availability through

digitized maintenance support

Connected Maintenance Tools

Product Description

For smooth regional and long-distance public transport the continuous availability of vehicles must be guaranteed. The benefit of the systems results from the transportation of people during operation and not from prolonged downtimes. These high availability requirements have a direct impact on maintenance and repair. In order to support people in their daily work and to make processes more efficient, SPHEREA offers various tools within the Connected Tools range.

An electronic recording of measured values with a subsequent automatic reporting reduces the amount of work for the tester. Digital work instructions simplify internal processes and increase efficiency. SPHEREA offers components for installation in the vehicle to obtain additional data during operation. These tools independently monitor the desired parameters. The flexible evaluation of the generated information makes it easy to derive condition-based maintenance tasks.

SPHEREA Germany ‚Äď Connected-Maintenance-Tool


  • Digital Workshop
  • Efficient processes
  • Support in daily work
  • Monitoring of desired parameters
  • Condition based maintenance

Application Area

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Service