Real-time monitoring system

Digital Solutions

Product Description

The new digital solutions business of SPHEREA unit will sharpen our focus in this critical and fast-changing domain. Our digital offer has a defining characteristic: it runs right across the product portfolio of SPHEREA. Why? To promote digitalization internally while helping our customers to adapt to its inescapable digital transformation process and increasing reach in their own environments.

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The digital solution portfolio integrates multiple key technologies used to build leading edge software solutions. We cover the entire spectrum starting from development and integration usecases up to data analysis with predictive forecasts.


  • Supervision system (Situational awareness)
  • Geolocalization including Indoor support
  • BigData storage and analysis especially to target predictive behaviour scenarios
  • Model and simulate systems or individual components to allow short integration cycles and early validation
  • Capable to handle real-time requirements e.g. for data acquisition solutions
  • Machine based learning algorithms
  • Supports technicians by using augmented reality
  • Ready for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web browsers
Spherea Germany – Digital Solutions ARTS
Spherea Germany – Digital Solutions ARTS2 Logo

ARTS² – Advanced Real-Time Supervisory System

ARTS² is the first milestone of our internal innovation-boosting “business incubator”. The digital offer is based on our ARTS² open, modular and scalable software platform, which can be used to quickly create applications for complex systems or situations. ARTS² is not only helping us to support mobile application scenarios. It is the link connecting the latest and future products in the SPHEREA portfolio.

ARTS² follows Responsive Design Best practices. You can rely on an optimized user interface no matter which mobile device you use. The applications make optimal use of the available screensize and are highly reactive. The server communication is minimized to allow an immediate response of the application.

Spherea Germany – Digital Solutions ARTS Tablet

One of many usecases is to build SCADA-like process flow and system state visualizations:



Possibility to interface with U-Test to integrate real-time capable IoT devices in integration, verification and validation test benches.



  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web browsers
  • Information sharing
  • Indoor localization
  • Workflow configuration
  • User notification and alerting
  • Reporting
  • Geo localization
  • Tasks planning and traceability
  • Role-based User Management (Authentication)

Application Area

The mobile application part consists of multiple modules addressing different generic use cases like:

  • Test Means Supervision
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Internet of Things
  • Augmented Reality
  • Crisis and Operational Management
  • Geo Localization

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In combination with U-Test as part of our Digital Solutions Portfolio product group additional usecases can be addressed

  • IoT device integration
  • Real-time data acquisition and monitoring


ARTS² is already used by

  • France’s fire service to manage their incidents and resources
  • The University of Toulouse to guide visitors on the campus area and to schedule timetables and notify students about schedule or room changes
  • National Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety to track nuclear incidents

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In combination with U-Test additional usecases can be addressed.