TIGSS In-Service-Support

Test Instrumentation Gunner Sight System In-Service-Support


BAAINBw/German Forces

Project Description

SPHEREA is the contractor for a full service contract. This contract ensures the efficient use and further development of the TIGSS in line with the requirements.

The ‚ÄúTest Instrumentation Gunner Sight Systems (TIGSS)‚ÄĚ supports the maintenance and repair work of the OSIRIS Gunner Sight of the UH TIGER weapon system.

TIGSS consists of the components Electronic Deployable Test Solution (EDTS), Optronic Deployable Test Solution (ODTS) and Test Program Sets (TPS) for testing of four Line Replaceable Units (LRUs).

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In 2018 SPHEREA takes over the responsibility for the TIGSS support. The following main tasks are handled as part of this support:

  • Basic maintenance such as calibration, repairs and stock replenishment.
  • Maximum increase in availability, reliability and maintainability of the test benches
  • Obsolescence management to ensure a long lifetime and maintainability
  • Further development and implementation of improvements
  • Configuration management and documentation
  • Internal and external update support, end user training and close collaboration with the customer
  • Other supporting services and products