NH90 NTH-RIG Customer Airbus Helicopters will operate in a collaboration model with the German Forces the Test-Rig for the Germany Navy variant of NH90, the Naval Transport Helicopter (NTH) Sea Lion, to be set operational in 2019 Project Description Within this project, SPHEREA will concept, design, manufacture, deliver and assemble the Avionic Test Rig for the NH90 NTH Sea Lion on site Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH at the System Integration Center (SUZ), Donauwörth, with an adequate aerospace industry level of quality for ground based equipment until end of 2018. The Rig will enable SUZ to operate the entire Avionic suite of the helicopter “like in reality”. It will be used for investigations, helicopter software development, validations and more. The mechanical and electronic elements of the Cables, Panels, Furniture & Racks and Adapters for the avionic components of the helicopter will be assembled into 11 dedicated Rig-Modules and integrated into the full Avionik Testinfrastructure, the NTH-Rig. Primary Success Criteria is the in time and in quality delivery of the full Rig, enabling the SUZ, setting the NTH-Rig into operation and provide it for usage by the Germany Navy by February 2019. For this challenging project, Airbus Helicopters chose SPHEREA to manage and engineer this huge number of elements within the given timeframe into the required Rig in near to aircraft level of quality. A close collaboration with the SUZ has been identified as mission critical and is established on a very fruitful and intense level of steady exchanges. With this project, SPHEREA proofs its expertise in successfully managing and engineering complex projects in the military aircraft industry, with its highly engaged and well experienced team of aircraft engineers, thoroughly deploying the right elements of SPHEREA’s well established standards in project and process management.