Dynamic Test Bench

SPHEREA’s dynamic test bench solution for subwaymaintenance


The European Metropole of Lille



Project Description

SPHEREA has developed a solution enabling track tests to be replaced with a dynamic test bench which will take up a limited amount of space in a workshop.

A new market for SPHEREA: The dynamic test bench for the maintenance of the Metro of Lille. The European Metropole of Lille has granted SPHEREA Toulouse to provide a dynamic test bench in order to maintain the automatic Metro of the city.

In order to accommodate the rising attendance of passengers on its lines, the Metro operator of the metropole of Lille will double the length of its trains, going from 26 to 52 meters. This will have consequences on the particularly demanding maintenance tests needed for the fully automated carriages, and the existing test track won’t be able to cover all the test requirements in the future.
SPHEREA is therefore contracted by Lille to provide a dynamic test bench that will replace the test track tests while only necessity a fraction of the actually used surface.
This test bench will simulate a train on tracks and allow to realize all the tests usually done on the test track. The train will be installed on a travellator that will simulate the movement of the train on the tracks while reproducing the interactions with the different signal systems of the railway network.

The system is monitored by the U-Test simulation environment and will consist of:

  • Mechanical simulation of the movement of the train.
  • A control station steers the train during testing and simulates the whole environment of the train (track, beacons, virtual stations, fake alerts and other trains).
  • An electrical infrastructure powers the equipment.

SPHEREA partnered with SEREME, a company specialized in the study and realization of mechanical testing equipments, to realize this project.


  • Compact footprint enabling real estate and infrastructure savings
  • Indoor solution optimized for smarter cities through reduced noise & pollution
  • Significant acquisition and cost of ownership benefits compared to conventional testing
  • More effective tests thanks to simulation

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