Vehicle real-time monitoring

through simulation

Twin Train-SiMoR

Product Description

The TwinTrain-SiMoR is a compact, easy-to-use test device that monitors and stimulates the signals of a train during the test run.
The TwinTrain-SiMoR interacts with the train and can simulate faulty behavior. This enables quick and easy fault diagnosis. The standalone test unit can be fully customized to the specific test case. Test run monitoring and recording of the TwinTrain-SiMoR takes place in real time. Train-specific bus messages are decoded by the TwinTrain-SiMoR. The train’s behavior is monitored and a warning is issued as soon as certain predefined limits are exceeded. Optionally, the recording can be localized via GPS and transmitted via 4G.

SPHEREA Germany – Railway Monitoring Box


  • Adaptable to the respective test case
  • Easy operation and quick installation
  • Train stimulation during test runs
  • Real-time test setup monitoring and recording
  • Decoding of railroad specific bus messages
  • Early warning system when defined limits are exceeded

Application Examples

The TwinTrain-SiMoR replaces the door control unit in the train during a test run. Faulty behavior of the door control unit is simulated and the reaction of the system is monitored and logged.

The TwinTrain-SiMoR is connected to the MVB bus and to the train’s DIO signals during the test run and tests a door control unit that is separate from the train.