Faster test and integration through

simulation of railcar parts

Twin Train-Modular

Product Description

In the integration of multiple unit trains, the individual cars are produced sequentially and stored until they are assembled. Delays in the production process result in the individual cars occupying unused floor space in the factory. As soon as the full multiple unit train is assembled, the test and integration can take place. Production errors are detected late and lead therefore to delays. In order to make optimum use of the time after production, SPHEREA has developed the TwinTrain-Modular. This simulates all other multiple unit cars and thus enables early commissioning of the individual cars. The simulation of the individual carriages can range from discrete signals to bus systems like MVB/WTB.


  • Reduction of commissioning time
  • Early detection of production errors
  • Faster delivery of vehicles through higher cycle times

Application Area

  • Production
  • Test and integration
  • Maintenance